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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. was the first Japanese company to open an office in India in Bombay. Since then, Mitsui has endeavored to promote and maintain its trading relationship with India, tailoring its services to the changing economic conditions of the growing Nation.
Primarily, Mitsui's business activities in India are in trading on FOB basis of commodities, which include:
Export of iron ore and finished iron and steel products, textiles, marine products to Japan and other parts of the world. Mitsui has also been successful in finding a market for the export of chemicals from India.
Imports conzsist of chemicals, fertilizers, crude oil and liquefied natural gas, high technology machinery, components for the automobile and telecommunication industry, and precious metals like gold and silver, and items of general merchandise.
Mitsui has also played a special role as project organizer for a varied number of projects in the Power Sector, Steel Industry, Port Development, and Refinery Projects. As a result, Mitsui in India reflects the diversity of its organization,
   Playing a multi-sector role in promoting export from India,
   Supporting the domestic industry with essential imports and
   Developing projects in the Infrastructure sector,
   Dealing successfully with public sector undertakings and private industries.